Partner Organizations enter third and final year of Insemtives Project

April 20, 2011

Passing its second year review with flying colors, the EU-funded R&D project Insemtives ( has entered its final phase of achievement. As an industrial partner in the consortium driving the project, Ontotext is working on an open source infrastructure and interface for large scale storage, retrieval and search of semantic content.

Building on the strengths of the renowned BigOWLIM RDF database, Ontotext has put into service a content repository, employing a state-of-the-art model of semantic annotations and user contributions. The repository is at the core of the Insemtives platform that enables business to provide incentives, collect and exploit contributions of a large community of specialists in their respective fields. The content repository is designed to store semantic annotations (tags) for millions of documents, images and video, thus meeting the needs of any large enterprise. An advanced web service interface allows integration with other software.

The results are being validated in three high-profile case studies. The SEEKDA web service marketplace, where the Insemtives platform is used to gather information about providers, capabilities and usage feedback of Web servicesTelefonica I+D develops OKEnterprise, a solution aimed at the creation of a social network and knowledge sharing portal inside the enterprise that will capture and share information as well as generate new knowledge. My Tiny Planets is a virtual world exploration and tagging game, targeted at the children audience. It is already being publicized by its developers – Pepper’s Ghost Productions (PGP).

As part of the objectives of the Insemtives project to create incentives for the adoption of semantic technologies, and more precisely through entertaining game play and fun challenges, Ontotext takes part in the development of the L!NKS game, which enables Facebook users to create challenges for other selected users to annotate a set of photos defined by the originator of the challenge. The game features an intuitive and easy to use interface as well as reward mechanism under which users get improved ranking compared to each other based on the number of annotations completed. The L!NKS game together with the games developed by industrial partner PGP are on a par with the project’s requirements and overall idea.

So far, project achievements have been presented at SemTech 2010, ESWC 2010 and updates will be reported in this year’s editions of the conferences.