About Us

Ontotext AD is a developer of core semantic technology, text mining and web mining solutions.

We save time and money when text and data from multiple sources are to be accessed and managed.

We solve problems in BI, Web-mining, Publishing, Life Sciences, Online recruitment, and other areas.

Ontotext is the developer of several outstanding products and a major contributor to open-source platforms. It is a proven, competent and cost-effective partner in:

  • Development of tools and solutions based on semantic technologies
  • Software engineering, performance optimization, ontology design
  • Data integration, management and publishing
  • Analysis, evaluation, feasibility studies based on cutting-edge expertise

Ontotext world-class competencies are rooted in the massive volume of ongoing research activities in a broad range of areas: NLP, information retrieval, ontology design and management, knowledge representation and reasoning, business process management (BPM) and linked data management. Ontotext takes part in research projects with total budget of more than EUR 100 million. As a member of W3C we are involved in the development of the vision and standards powering the development of the web.

Launched in 2000 as part of Sirma Group (a leading software player in Eastern Europe), Ontotext is currently owned by its members of staff, Sirma and NEVEQ (New Europe Venture Equity - a venture capital fund). At present Ontotext has over 55 employees and a number of affiliates. Its researchers have more than 100 publications in refereed journals and international events.

The Ontotext brochure is available to read here.

Leading Developer of Core Semantic Technology

Ontotext is a leading developer of Core Semantic Technology, being:

  • the developer of KIM - a semantic annotation, indexing, and retrieval platform
  • the developer of OWLIM - a high-performance OWL repository
  • a co-developer of Sesame one of the most popular semantic repositories
  • a co-developer of the GATE language engineering platform.

While linked data managed to generate a lot of enthusiasm, there are plenty of challenges which hamper its usage. Ontotext developed a couple of reason-able views meant to considerably lower the risks and the cost associated with using linked data:

  • - public service offering a fast track to the center of the web of linked data
  • LinkedLifeData - semantic data integration platform that interlinks 25 popular biomedical data sources

After all, Ontotext is a professional software developer, focused on a number of interconnected areas involving formal semantics. It has access to broad IT experience, human resources, and infrastructure. Read more about our Vision, Skills, and Focus.

We focus on building cutting-edge expertise and technology in the following major areas:

  • ontology design, management, and alignment;
  • knowledge representation, reasoning;
  • information extraction (IE), applications in information retrieval (IR);
  • Upper-level ontologies and lexical semantics;
  • NLP and language engineering: POS-tagging, gazetteers, co-reference resolution, etc;
  • Machine Learning: HMM, NN;
  • Semantic Web Services.

Sirma Group

Sirma Group Holding, established in 1992, is a group of diverse, privately-owned software businesses with offices in Bulgaria (Sofia, Kazanlak, Varna, Ruse, and Plovdiv), USA (San Francisco, CA, and Fairfield, CN), Canada (Montreal) and Brazil (Sao Paolo). It includes more than 10 companies and business units. Sirma has a long history of success in various domains and markets all over the globe. Its software is implemented in the following domains: AI, B2B, CAD/CAM, e-government, CSCW, CASE tools, banking, C3/C4 Systems, VOIP billing, etc.

Sirma Group is the largest Bulgarian privately owned software and IT groups. It is the Top-3 software house in Bulgaria with some 400 employees.

The essential, inherent principles of Sirma are professionalism, innovation, and good work atmosphere. Most of its key employees are shareholders and most of its shareholders work in the group. While the others only care for business in principle, what we also do care about are people and technology. This makes a big difference - you can ask our partners and clients about it.

Work Atmosphere and HR Policy

We have been tuning our HR policy and management practices for more than ten years so as to achieve good work environment. We started as a few top software engineers and workaholics, all of us enthusiastic about AI. And we kept growing organically, taking more and more of the same "breed" of people to work and partner with us.

As a result, we have extremely high retention and enjoy an excellent reputation in the developers' community. The consequences are immediate and straightforward: efficient experience gathering and management; capable of attracting the best developers and researchers easily; stable and predictable teams with experienced technical leads, whose experience and management skills minimize the potential risk of unwelcome surprises - most of them have proven themselves - working for Sirma for 5-10 years, having grown with us from smart programmers into confident project managers.