Knowledge and Information Management in Life Science

We are a leading technology provider of services for knowledge management infrastructure and text analysis in the field of life sciences and health care. The group combines a unique cross-domain expertise in developing semantic-aware applications, integrating large scale biomedical data sources, and natural language processing. The technology we develop focuses on automating a number of tasks like:

  • Integrating structured and unstructured biological sources
  • Text-mining and transparent linking of structured to unstructured knowledge
  • Multi-dimensional querying and new implicit information inference

Technology Showcase

In the world of information explosion we live in today, the traditional approaches for representing computer science data are inadequate for the emerging needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. If a company wants to remain competitive in these industries, it needs to overcome the “productivity crisis” in research and development.

Traditional approaches lack the flexibility and dynamics necessary to generate high quality data and make use of it. We in Ontotext try to look ahead and offer an innovative knowledge integration technology for implementing infrastructures that natively support RDF, efficient logic inference, and text-analysis. Our technology will increase considerably the productivity of the individual life science and health care researcher.

Products Based on the LifeSKIM Technology

This is a quick overview of our products, which integrate the power of the LifeSKIM technology. If you want to explore their potential in further detail, please check the page for each product.

LinkedLifeData is a scalable semantic integration platform that supports efficient inference. It allows the development and hosting of large scale knowledge bases. LinkedLifeData supports heterogeneous data sources, simple information updates, and easy incremental extension and integration of datasets.

Semantic Biomedical Tagger features a wide spectrum of functionalities ranging from ordinary information retrieval to semantic search. It brings together the power of knowledge bases and information extraction algorithms. The application automates document metadata management, document mining, scalable named entity recognition, and relation extraction.

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