Linked Life Data

Linked Life Data is a platform for semantic data integration trough RDF warehousing and efficient reasoning that helps to resolve conflicts in the data. One of the major problems that biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries face today is how to combine data from multiple sources and make their research more productive. Data integration takes much time and often leads to errors and redundancies that require more time and resources to resolve. The typical problems in working with biomedical data sources are that information is:

  • Supported by different organizations
  • Highly distributed and redundant
  • Encoded in different syntax and structural formats with special semantics for each data source
  • Locked in vast data silos accessible with limited query functionality

Public Service

Linked Life Data service is a public data warehouse that syndicates tons of heterogeneous biomedical knowledge in a common data model. The platform uses an extension of the RDF model that is able to track the provenance of each individual fact in the repository and thus update the information:

  • The data is highly normalized and interlinked across data sets
  • Flexibility in data schemas; scalability in data load and high performance for data retrieval.
  • No in-house data maintenance - just consume the latest published data on Web
  • Data delivery interfaces are based on standardized data formats¬† that could be reused by conventional and semantic-web-ready systems

The service is freely accessible at

Enterprise Service

Linked Life Data Enterprise includes regular information updates of the public data sources and professional services like:

  • Service extension with custom data sets
  • Develop ETL for each specific data set requested by the customer
  • Introduce additional alignments to increase integrity of the data
  • Instance and schema mapping rules
  • Develop large scale and/or focused semantic annotations from unstructured data and to populate it back in the repository
  • Scheduled regular updates
  • Maintenance of the evolving data schema

If you need more information please contact us at life-sciences -at-


Clients and Stories

UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of innovative medicines and solutions to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases of the immune system or of the central nervous system. UCB selected Ontotext and the Linked Life Data (LLD) service to provide support for the linked data cloud and leverage its capabilities to help support research questions faced in the drug discovery process. UCB is using LLD to integrate dozens of public biological, chemical and medical data sources into its internal research stream for drug discovery. The knowledge base is a valuable source of research data that may be used to generate and validate complex hypothesis and does this while offloading the data integration cost from the UCB researchers.