Ontotext Sponsors Semantic Web Meetup Sites

November 2, 2012


Ontotext is pleased to announce that is now sponsoring Semantic Web Meetup sites in New York, Washington, DC, and London.  Ontotext is one of the first commercial vendor sponsors of SemWeb Meetup.  “We have seen tremendous value in fostering informal information exchange through the Meetup platform,” said Matthew Petrillo, president of Ontotext USA.  “We are very happy to be working with Marco Neumann and Lotico to ensure that these important information sharing opportunities will continue to be available.”

Ontotext has a strong corporate commitment to putting information about semantic web technologies—RDF, SPARQL, OWL—into the hands of developers and information workers all over the world.  Ontotext is a frequent sponsor of conferences and workshops in the U.S. and Europe. The company also offers training programs for clients and the public based in its London office.  With the addition of Semantic Web Meetup, Ontotext reaffirms its commitment to the free flow of information among creative professionals. 

Ontotext chose to sponsor Meetup locations that coincide with its key customers and where it has a physical presence.  Ontotext has production systems in place with Media, Pharmaceutical, and Government customers. Look for Ontotext personnel to participate actively in Meetup events in London, New York and Washington.  Ontotext will also encourage its customers and users to contribute to the Meetup community with valuable practical experience and insights.

For more information, contact Matthew Petrillo at, or join a Meetup and post a note on the Meetup message boards. SemWeb Meetup New York is found at  SemWeb Meetup Washington is found at  SemWeb Meetup London is found at