OWLIM Licensing and Technical Support

You can download and use OWLIM-Lite free of charge for any purpose. This page provides information about commercial licenses and technical support packages for OWLIM-SE and OWLIM-Enterprise.

OWLIM-SE and OWLIM-Enterprise Licenses

Ontotext license OWLIM-SE and OWLIM-Enterprise in terms of perpetual licenses per CPU core.

Licenses for commercial use of OWLIM are offered at a flat pricing model, where the price is proportional to the capacity of the servers on which the engine will be installed, i.e. per CPU core. The price list is provided upon request to

Note on virtualization: if the products are used in virtualized environments, such as ESX, one virtual processor is considered equivalent to one physical CPU core.

OWLIM Technical Support Packages

Ontotext provides technical support for all editions of OWLIM in order to help customers in the process of development, tuning and maintenance of applications and information systems based on OWLIM.

The technical support service provides assistance in resolving incidents, including investigating any issues related to the behavior and performance of OWLIM in specific application setups. On the part of the customers, we expect the incidents to be reported by a technical point of contact, with a basic understanding of OWLIM functionality, as well as related standards, specifications, and technologies.

Three levels of severity are distinguished, as follows:

Severity level


Response time

Solution time


Incident causes a production outage or threatens an imminent production outage, either in terms of a software failure or a loss/corruption of data making the software unusable.

2 hours

24 hours


Incident that could or does severely affect performance or functionality of production system. Important technical issue that if not resolved will or could lead to an urgent severity level issue in a few days.

24 hours

5 days


Incident that affects production environment, but workarounds or slightly degraded performance are acceptable. Incident does not threaten a production outage. If a software fix is required it can wait for the next scheduled release.

5 days

15 days

The support plans provide an annual subscription for pre-paid packages of technical support services, defined in terms of monthly limits for: (i) effort of support engineers and (ii) the number of Urgent and Major incidents. Description of the predefined maintenance packages is provided upon request to