OWLIM In Action

This page gives some references to research projects and commercial customers using OWLIM. This list is by no means exhaustive - it is only meant to present some typical usage scenarios. Please see our pages Clients, Technology Partners and Research Partners for more references and success stories.

Media and Publishing

OWLIM 3.5 is the repository of choice for the BBC's Olympics 2012 website and BBC Sports re-launched website. The biggest sports event of the 2012 will be covered by the BBC using a dynamic semantic publishing platform on top of Ontotext technology. For more information you can read Jem Rayfield's recent blog post.

OWLIM version 3.3 repository has been successfully integrated into the high performance Semantic Web publishing stack powering the BBC's 2010 World Cup website, performing OWL reasoning with continuously changing data and handling millions of page requests per day. More information about the project can be found the following posts:

In June 2009 OWLIM was integrated in Profium Metadata Server, which is used for content delivery in the publishing industry. AFP uses Profium News Agency Solution (which is based on the Metadata Server) incorporating a multimedia editorial system and real time customized multimedia content distribution.

OWLIM is used by the Press Association in a commercial project for image retrieval and browsing. Results from the analysis phase of the project can be found here.

Life Science Applications

A considerable fraction of real-world applications of OWLIM are in the life sciences domain. This section lists only some of these.

OWLIM is used for large-scale data integration in the LinkedLifeData platform, a public service consolidating 25+ of the most popular biomedical databases. It provides search and query facilities over some 4 billion statements.

As part of KIM, OWLIM is used for clinical study analysis and management by AstraZeneca as presented at ESTC2008.

Linked Data Management

In FactForge, OWLIM is used to load 8 of the central LOD datasets in a repository that contains 1.2 billion explicit and 0.8 billion implicit statements. OWLIM owl:sameAs optimization allows FactForge to deal with 'only' 2 billion statements in its indices, while the number of distinct statements retrievable form the repository is 10 billion. This feature allows FactForge to deliver non-inflated query results, while the semantics of owl:sameAs is still fully accounted for during query evaluation.

Integration in Semantic Technology Tools

OWLIM Lite is bundled in as an ontology service in GATE - the most popular and probably the most mature and comprehensive text mining platform on Earth.

OWLIM is used as a semantic repository in the KIM Platform for semantic annotation and search.

OWLIM Lite is integrated as the default reasoner in TopQuadrant's TopBraid Composer - probably the most advanced RDF/OWL editor.

Research Projects

Different versions of OWLIM are used in tens of research projects in various domains. Just a few of these are mentioned in this section, please see Research Projects for more info.

Within the LarKC project, OWLIM is used as the data layer in a platform for Web-scale reasoning that features a range of diverse reasoning plug-ins.

The SOA4All project provides a framework and infrastructure that integrates complementary and evolutionary technical advances (i.e. SOA, context management, Web principles, Web 2.0 and Semantic Web) into a coherent and domain-independent service delivery platform. OWLIM is used in the Semantic Spaces component and in the iServe platform for publishing semantic web services as linked data.