Press Kit

This page includes brochures, logos and other press-related materials. See Ontotext Marketing Materials for more information


​Current Ontotext brochures and flyers. All rights reserved. No modification to these materials is permitted. Any use of information or any other part of these materials is subject to written approval by Ontotext.

  • Ontotext Brochure - June 2013 - PDF
  • Semantic Publishing - June 2013 - PPTX
  • KIM Brochure - May 2011 - PDF
  • OWLIM Brochure - June 2011 - PDF
  • Life Sciences Brochure - June 2011 - PDF
  • Web Mining Framework Brochure - June 2011 - PDF
  • UK Job Market Database - Feb 2013 - PDF

Older Brochures

Older but still relevant brochures and leaflets:

  • Ontotext Brochure - June 2012 - PDF
  • Ontotext Brochure - June 2011 - PDF
  • Ontotext Brochure - 2010 - PDF
  • OWLIM Leaflet - 2010 - PDF
  • FactForge Leaflet - 2010 - PDF
  • Introducing Forest - 2010 - PDF
  • Ontotext Brochure - 2009 - PDF


A comprehensive compendium of Ontotext-related presentations can be found on

Ontotext Logos

Ontotext is happy to provide you with print and web quality versions of our logo. Please read through our guidelines prior to using any of our logos:

  1. Include the ONTOTEXT logo as a major element on all printed or electronic materials originating from the ONTOTEXT Headquarters or its field or area offices. Use only the official high-resolution graphics files available on this page. Do not use scanned or low-resolution versions of the logo.
  2. Maintain the integrity of the logo without embellishment or change. When reducing or enlarging the logo, make certain to maintain the proportions. Do not rotate or skew the logo.
  3. Do not change the official colors of the ONTOTEXT logos.
  4. Do not print the logo on top of photographs or artwork so that it cannot be seen. Use the reverse image of the logo if the logo prints on a dark background. Use the grayscale version when printing in black or another single color.
  5. Do not wrap text around the logo. All uses of the ONTOTEXT logo must be reviewed and approved by Ontotext. Please contact us for approval.
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Should you need any other materials or assistance, please contact us on email: info[at]ontotext[dot]com.