Ontotext develops, manages and supports the technologies behind the following products:

  • Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4) - On-demand and Low-cost Semantic Metadata Management
  • OWLIM is an industrial-scale semantic database, using Semantic Web standards for inference and integration/consolidation of heterogeneous data.
  • KIM Platform is a semantic search engine, using text analysis to provide hybrid queries involving structured data and inference.
  • Semantic Biomedical Tagger is an information extraction system, designed to create semantic annotations in biomedical texts using more than 100 different semantic types.
  • Web Mining Framework is a comprehensive, efficient web intelligence and web search platform.
  • UK Jobs Market Database is a highly comprehensive semantic databases for the UK recruitment market.
  • PROTON is an upper-level light weight ontology, used for semantic search and annotation and as a reference layer to access LOD.