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Your Single Source for Semantic Technology

  • Are your analysts and researchers able to quickly find the document or article they need?
  • Are you able to extract meaning from text, store it and search it instantly?
  • Do you understand how entities in the text are related to one another?

Some organizations have tried to solve complex data management problems by integrating text mining, ontologies, graph databases, search applications and content stores to better manage big data and unstructured text. But, dealing with multiple vendors, attempting to synchronize disparate systems and a lack of features have produced mediocre results. A better way exists.

Ontotext provides a complete Semantic Platform and GraphDB™ allowing you to combine text mining, content curation, metadata enrichment and search in a single solution.

Over 14 Years of Experience Deploying Proven Semantic Solutions

Backed by an engineering team with hundreds of years of development experience and research that spans over a decade in natural language processing, knowledge management and semantic reasoning, Ontotext products and solutions are proven to work in enterprise deployments as diverse as Media & Publishing, Life Sciences and Government.   Some customers import and integrate Linked Open Data using it to enhance the search experience.   Others mine text from documents, storing the semantic facts in GraphDB™ to deliver a rich, personalized website experience.

Whether it’s search, text mining or enrichment, Ontotext solutions solve a problem common to almost every organization – There’s important intelligence hidden inside unstructured data that can optimize your performance and analysis.  To reach this goal, the text needs to be extracted, enriched and combined with other sources.   It needs to be updated, synchronized with your content stores and accessible to the entire organization instantly.  Learn how the complete Ontotext semantic stack can help your organization.

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GraphDB™ is the world’s leading RDF triplestore. It’s the only triplestore that can perform semantic inferencing at scale allowing users to create new semantic facts from existing facts. If you need to load RDF statements, perform hybrid queries and infer new facts at the same time, in real time, GraphDB™ is for you.

Ontotext Semantic Platform

The Ontotext Semantic Platform consists of an enrichment suite for text mining and semantic annotation, data integration tools to transform your data into RDF, connectors for full text and faceted search and tools for the efficient curation of content.

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