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GraphDB™ – An Enterprise Triplestore with Meaning

  • Are you able to store and search semantic facts extracted from text?
  • Can you infer new facts from the existing facts stored in your graph database?
  • Does your triplestore provide enterprise class scalability and resilience?

Organizations are at a critical juncture in knowledge discovery – there’s a tremendous need to uncover meaning buried inside of unstructured data.  Text mining is one technique used to uncover this intelligence.   But where is this newly found knowledge stored, updated and queried?

GraphDB™ (formerly OWLIM) is the world’s leading RDF Triplestore built on OWL (Ontology Web Language) standards.   It stores your data in the form of atomic facts expressed as subjects, predicates and objects which have relationships to other facts.   Ontotext offers three versions:  GraphDB™ Lite, GraphDB™ Standard and GraphDB™ Enterprise.   Learn more about their unique features below.

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GraphDB™ is the world’s leading RDF Triplestore and graph database. It’s the only triplestore that can perform semantic inferencing at scale allowing users to create new semantic facts from existing facts. GraphDB™ handles massive loads, queries and inferencing in real time.  We offer three versions of GraphDB™:  Lite, Standard and Enterprise.   Click into any edition to compare the differences between these three graph databases.

In essence, GraphDB™ is a “semantic repository” using ontologies that allow the repository to automatically reason about the data.  It works with a flexible and generic physical graph data model allowing for easy interpretation and adoption of new ontologies or metadata on-the-fly.  Sesame is one of the most popular semantic repositories that supports RDF(S) and all the major syntaxes and query languages related to it. GraphDB™ is another semantic repository, packaged as a storage and inference layer (SAIL) for Sesame.  To learn more about Semantic Repositories, visit our page on the topic: Semantic Repositories.
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