Publications 2010

[OsenovaSimov2010] Petya Osenova and Kiril Simov.
Semantic Annotation for Semi-Automatic Positioning of the Learner.
In: Proceedings of the First Workshop on Supporting eLearning with Language Resources and Semantic Data, LREC 2010, Valetta, Malta, May 2010, pp. 46-50. The paper

[KiryakovMomtchev2010] Kiryakov, A., Momtchev, V.
Triplesets: Tagging and Grouping in RDF Datasets
W3C Workshop "RDF Next Steps", June 26-27, 2010, Stanford, Palo Alto, CA, USA
the presentation, the paper

[DamovaEtAl-Proton2010] Mariana Damova, Atanas Kiryakov, Kiril Simov and Svetoslav Petrov
Mapping the central LOD ontologies to PROTON upper-level ontology.
Ontology Mapping Workshop at ISWC 2010, Shanghai, China, November 2010. the paper

[DamovaKoychev2010] Mariana Damova, Ivan Koychev.
Query-Based Summarization: a Survey.
Proceedings of S3T'2010, Varna, Bulgaria, September, 2010, pp. 142-147.
Published by Demetra, Sofia, 2010.

[DamovaEtAl-Upper2010] Mariana Damova, Kiril Simov, Svetoslav Petrov.
Mapping Data Driven Ontology and Upper Ontology.
Proceedings of AIMSA'2010, Varna, Bulgaria, September, 2010.
Published as LNCS (LNAI) 6304, Springer-Verlag,  Heidelberg, Germany, 2010.

[GrinbergEtAl2010] Grinberg, M., Haltakov, V. and Stefanov, H.
Spreading Activation Mechanisms for Efficient Knowledge Retrieval form Large Datasets.
Italian Workshop on Neural Nets (WIRN 2010), COST 2102 Special session. IOS press, 2010

[Kiryakov2010] Atanas Kiryakov
360° Semantic Technologies: Web Mining, Text Analysis, Linked Data Search and Reasoning (Case study).
2010 Semantic Technology Conference, Jun 2010, San Francisco, CA
The study