Completed Projects

Ontotext has completed successfully a number of research projects co-funded by the European Commission within FP5, FP6, FP7 (the list of currently running projects is separate).

On-To-Knowledge On-To-Knowledge - Content-driven Knowledge-Management through Evolving Ontologies. The On-To-Knowledge project develops methods and tools and employ the full power of the ontological approach to facilitate knowledge management. The On-To-Knowledge tools will help knowledge workers who are not IT specialists to access company-wide information repositories in an efficient, natural and intuitive way. Ontotext's role in the project is to develop an Ontology Middleware Module (OMM) and DAML+OIL reasoner (named BOR).
VISION - Next Generation Knowledge Management. The VISION project will provide a strategic roadmap towards next-generation organizational knowledge management. Ontotext is chairing the Natural Language Processing special interest group within the project.
OntoWeb OntoWeb - Ontology-based information exchange for knowledge management and electronic commerce. Ontotext is part of SIG5 - Language Technology in Ontology Development and Use. It also cooperates with: SIG1 - Content and Standards; SIG2 - Ontology Language Standards; SIG3 - Enterprise-Standard Ontology Environments.
SWWS SWWS - Semantic Web enabled Web Services. The main objectives of SWWS are to (i) Provide a comprehensive Web Service description framework; (ii) Define a Web Service discovery framework; (iii) Provide a scalable Web Service mediation platform. Ontotext is responsible for the software infrastructure within the project.
DIP DIP - Data, Information, and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services. DIP develops further and at a bigger scale the semantic web services framework introduced with SWWS.
SEKT SEKT - Semantic Knowledge Technologies. Targeting synergy of Ontology and Metadata Technology, Knowledge Discovery and Human Language Technology. The vision of SEKT is to develop and exploit the knowledge technologies which underlie Next Generation Knowledge Management. We envision knowledge workplaces where the boundaries between document management, content management, and knowledge management are broken down, and where knowledge management is an effortless part of day to day activities. Appropriate knowledge is automatically delivered to the right people at the right time at the right granularity via a range of user devices.
INFRAWEBS INFRAWEBS - Intelligent Framework for Networked Businesses and Governments Using Semantic Web Services (SWS) and Multi-Agent-Systems. The main INFRAWEBS project focus and objective is the development of an application-oriented software toolset for creating, maintaining and executing WSMO-based Semantic Web Services (SWS) within their whole life cycle.
PrestoSpace PrestoSpace - Preservation towards storage and access. Standardized Practices for Audiovisual Contents in Europe. Start preservation factories by preparing the business plan, contacting potential investors and working with commercial partners to set up the actual services. These services will exploit the technological and industrial results of the projec, supported by commitment of the major PrestoSpace consortium members to use them.
MediaCampaign - Discovering, inter-relating and navigating cross-media campaign knowledge. Automating the detection and tracking of media campaigns on television, Internet and in the press.
RASCALLI RASCALLI - Responsive Artificial Situated Cognitive Agents Living and Learning on the Internet. Develop an artificial cognitive system that allows human and computer skills to be combined in such a way that both abilities can be optimally employed for the benefit of the human user.
SemanticGov SemanticGov - Providing Integrated Public Services to Citizens at the National and Pan-European level with the use of Emerging Semantic Web Technologies. The project aims at building the infrastructure (software, models, services, etc) necessary for enabling the offering of semantic web services by public administration (PA). Through this cutting edge infrastructure, SemanticGov will address longstanding challenges faced by public administrations such as achieving interoperability amongst PA agencies both within a country as well as amongst countries, easing the discovery of PA services by its customers, facilitating the execution of complex services often involving multiple PA agencies in interworkflows.
IST World IST World - an IST research information portal co-developed by Ontotext for the EU, employing the CERIF model
SUPER - Semantics Utilized for Process management within and between EnteRprises - raise Business Process Management (BPM) to the business level, where it belongs; from the IT level, where it mostly resides now.
SOA4ALL - Service Oriented Architectures for All - combines a service delivery platform based on Web 2.0, Semantics and Context Management to enable a Web of billions of services
LarKC - Large Knowledge Collider - a platform for large scale integrated reasoning and Web-search. Achieved by enriching the current logic-based Semantic Web reasoning methods, employing cognitively inspired approaches and techniques.
INSEMTIVES - Incentives for Semantics - incentive models and framework for semantic metadata and content authoring
NoTube - networks and ontologies for the transformation and unification of broadcasting and the Internet - semantic technologies for personalized creation, distribution and consumption of TV content
CUBIST - Combining and Uniting Business Intelligence and Semantic Technologies - combines essential features of Semantic Technologies and Business Intelligence
RENDER - Reflecting Knowledge Diversity - developing methods, techniques, software and data sets that will leverage diversity as a crucial source of innovation and creativity