SEKT - Semantic Knowledge Technologies


 SEKT - Semantic Knowledge Technologies. Targeting synergy of Ontology and Metadata Technology, Knowledge Discovery and Human Language Technology.

SEKT is funded project supported by the European Union's IST program. It started January 2004 and has duration of 36 months. DIP is coordinated by British Telecommunications Plc., UK .

Contact: Milena Yankova

Project Objectives

The vision of SEKT is to develop and exploit the knowledge technologies which underlie Next Generation Knowledge Management. We envision knowledge workplaces where the boundaries between document management, content management, and knowledge management are broken down, and where knowledge management is an effortless part of day to day activities. Appropriate knowledge is automatically delivered to the right people at the right time at the right granularity via a range of user devices. Knowledge workers will be empowered to focus on their core roles and creativity; this is key to European competitiveness.

Ontotext in SEKT

Main Responsibilities:

  • Ontology Management and Mediation;
  • Ontology Generation;
  • Meta-data Generation;
  • Service Mediation;
  • Architecture and Interfaces;

Ontotext activities on this project are related to KIMGATE, and SWAN. SEKT can be seen as a successor of the On-To-Knowledge project.