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Ontotext Recruitment provides access to hundreds of thousands of unique job postings extracted from job boards in the United Kingdom that we constantly monitor.  Jobs market data is extracted from job vacancy and company information published on the internet. The facts are pulled from free flowing text, made machine readable and then consolidated in an automatic way using our semantic integration technology.  Users have the ability to search the database using their own criteria to analyze the data.

Several hundred constantly changing job boards are tracked to detect re-posts, duplicates and expired vacancies.  We also monitor advertisers from different source and publish our data in JSON, XML and HR-XML.

Target Advertisers with Job Boards Data

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Improve Your Targeting in the Recruitment Market

Analyze the Market, Monitor Trends

The recruitment market has diverse needs.  Recruitment analysts from commercial and government organizations need a complete picture of changing market dynamics.  Tracking competitive is of paramount importance.  Now you can search across the entire UK jobs market to analyze the types of positions that are being advertised.  Software companies that provide recruiting products require up to the minute data feeds to keep their products current.  Since we track advertisers on job boards, users know which companies have been recruiting by the type of position.

Geographic Precision

We geo-code all of the job board data from high levels of geography to the smallest administrative entity.   This provides you with the  precise numbers of job posts, direct advertisers and agencies, most popular skills and many more attributes.  Start exploring current data by clicking on the map below and then refining your search:

Jobs Map

Web Mining Extracts Meaning from Text

At the core of Ontotext Recruitment is the Ontotext Web Mining Framework (part of our Semantic Data Integration Suite.   This is a comprehensive, efficient web intelligence and web search platform.   We have used this technology to create databases for other countries and domains – for example, a car database for the USA or hotel rates in Europe.  It involves much more than web crawling.  Screen scraping takes place even when the data is dynamic and quickly changing.

A Single Platform has all the tools you need to collect, analyze and store the data

  • Web crawling of full web pages
  • Collecting and processing HTML, XML, RDF and other formats
  • Focused crawling of specific sections or selected information from web pages
  • Screen scraping of structured online data with high precision (e.g. job boards)
  • Text mining and normalization
  • Data extraction, transformation, merging and de-duplication
  • Extensions to our semantic annotation and search capabilities
  • Extensions to our semantic repository, GraphDB™ for storage and inference of structured data
  • Configurable and extensible workflow management

Functions Supported in the Web Mining Platform Include:

  • Optimization to support large volumes of data
  • Independent, continuous data collection 24/7
  • Natural Language Processing techniques based on the GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering)
  • Configurable post-processing options for data normalization and integration
  • A balanced approach for domain-specific and broad topic tasks

Support for Advanced Data Handing Using a Workflow Engine

With Ontotext Web Mining, the workflow engine has been developed to perform:

  • Distributed processing with advanced task schedule management
  • Detailed monitoring and reporting  of performance statistics
  • Extensible task type definition and post-processing configuration options
  • Coverage of the whole life cycle of building, executing, monitoring and maintenance of web mining components

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