Enterprises need a better approach to find information where it lives, link it based on meaning, search it efficiently, and manage changes more easily.

This approach is Linked Data for the Enterprise, powered by semantics, built by Ontotext.

The Ontotext Value Proposition

Ontotext’s unique interdisciplinary expertise provides a single access point into all technologies that turn the promise of semantics and linked data into reality.

Our technology unveils implicit relations and finds hidden links, matching facts scattered across huge volumes of diverse information. It delivers more answers in less time and with less effort.

Ontotext focuses on technology leadership that is sustainable, practical, and readily available now.

A Shorter Adoption Curve for Long-Term Benefits

  • Flexible data schemas adapt to changing information more easily
  • Search across multiple sources without increasing complexity
  • Text mining saves manual indexing & data entry time, without loss of depth and quality
  • Our solutions can be applied in cooperation with existing data, storage, search, and publishing systems

OUR PROMISE: Sustainable Value

  • We deliver semantic technologies at enterprise scale and reliability
  • Ontotext has expertise in the full range of semantic technologies
  • The up-front investment is lower than you might expect
  • Open standards protect your investment