The InnoGraph Artificial Intelligence Taxonomy

Read this post about unlocking AI-related entities and content with examples from Githut topics, Wikidata articles and Collaborative Patent Classification application areas

Technology December 15, 2023 8 mins. read Vladimir AlexievBoyan Bechev Boyan Bechev Aleksandr OsitsynAleksandr Ositsyn

Data Wants To Be Truly Sovereign: Designing Data Spaces with Linked Data Principles In Mind

Read about what data spaces are and how semantic technologies and Linked Data can make them a stronger and safer mechanism for commercial data exchange

Informational November 18, 2022 9 mins. read Vladimir AlexievVladimir AlexievVladimir Alexiev

Ontotext’s Perspective on an Energy Knowledge Graph

Read about how semantic technology can advance energy data exchange standards and what happens when some energy data is integrated in a knowledge graph.

Business January 7, 2022 9 mins. read Vladimir AlexievGergana PetkovaGergana Petkova

Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities

Read about the value of Linked Data in the GLAM sector, since culture by its very nature is cross-border and interlinked.

Informational September 28, 2016 4 mins. read Vladimir Alexiev

This Is Me: An Ontologist for Semantic Enrichment and Linked Data

Read about Vladimir Alexiev and his work to further develop cultural heritage data interlinks with the help of graph databases.

Informational September 15, 2016 5 mins. read Vladimir Alexiev