Ontotext’s Most Fascinating Blog Posts for 2018

December 21, 2018 4 mins. read Milen Yankulov

At the end of another exciting and busy year, we at Ontotext are happy to present our traditional round-up of the most fascinating blog posts we have published throughout the year.

The all-around star in our 2018 blog content has been the knowledge graph and its powerful capabilities to add meaning and context to data and turn it into knowledge and insights.

So, without further ado, here’s our review of Ontotext’s five most fascinating blog posts for 2018, based on your interest:

The Knowledge Graph and the Internet’s Memory Palace

The Knowledge Graph and the Internet’s Memory Palace

In this insightful post, we see how the knowledge graph represents information similar to how people understand and match information with context. Knowledge graphs not only provide data, they also enable computers to interpret and understand it.

While relational databases only serve information, the knowledge graph has a superpower: it is capable of holding both information and relationships – the links between the information.

If you have missed it, check out the article to see why the knowledge graph is the Internet’s ‘memory place’ and how the flexibility of knowledge graphs makes them the perfect model to make sense of heterogeneous and constantly changing data.

Here’s a Graph, Go Figure! Coupling Text Analytics with a Knowledge Graph

This brilliant post explains how text analytics is coupled with the power of the knowledge graph to make texts readable to machines, to improve information retrieval and to connect information on multiple levels. The knowledge graph – with its collection of interlinked descriptions of real-world objects, events, situations or abstract concepts – helps machines recognize and disambiguate people, organizations and locations. This puts the data and information into context and provides relationships to other data and information.

Dive in the article to learn how combining text analytics with the creation and maintenance of a knowledge graph can be of immense help in various fields of knowledge management. See why and how a knowledge graph can boost significantly the text analytics processes and practices and can make text work for us in a more meaningful way.

Data Visualization with GraphDB: How to Turn Your Tabular Data Into a Telling Visual

Data Visualization with GraphDB: How to Turn Your Tabular Data In a Telling Visual

Next up on our blog posts review, we have an amazing how-to tutorial full of great pictures on how to create a powerful visual out of your tabular data by using Ontotext’s signature semantic graph database GraphDB.

This very helpful step-by-step guide has the whole process covered – how to import your tabular data in GraphDB, how to convert it, how to create your graph data model using SPARQL, how to import your repository and, finally, how to visualize your graph data.

Revisit the article to see how, with data visualization, many complex structures and relationships have the potential to become an easy-to-grasp message that speaks to a wider audience, helping them understand data and the nature of the connections they exist in.

It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got Semantics

This beautiful 15-slide presentation explains how RDF databases (also known as semantic graph databases) work wonders with serving information needs and handling the growing amounts of diverse data every organization faces today. The true value of data and the true understanding of information come with the integration of data pieces from all types of datasets. This presentation demonstrates how the RDF database is one of the most expressive and powerful tools to solve the challenge of the huge amounts of diverse data.

Go ahead and read the post to see how, with a fully functioning RDF database like GraphDB, you can turn your data pieces into actionable knowledge and data-driven decisions.

The Knowledge Graph and the Enterprise

A knowledge graph structure

This wonderful post delves into the capabilities of the knowledge graph and why so many organizations have embraced the idea of using knowledge graphs to boost enterprise knowledge management. Businesses increasingly turn to knowledge graphs to take advantage of their ability to integrate disparate data and use it as context to enhance analysis and decision-making.

Jump to this article to see how knowledge graphs help enterprises to organize, manage and discover internal data, and at the same time link their data to external data sources to benefit from the network effect.

As we wrap up our review of Ontotext’s most fascinating posts for 2018, here’s to many other interesting articles on our blog as we head into 2019!


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