Ontotext’s 2016: Our Top 7 Webinars Of The Year

December 23, 2016 4 mins. read Milena Yankova

Ontotext webinar

Data shows that in 2016 we had a total of 22 webinars that attracted over 7 000 people. We know – WoW! And just in case you were not one of the thousands of people who attended or listened, you’ve come to the right place. After the five best blog posts, today we are reviewing the seven best Ontotext webinars of the year!

7. Build Narratives, Connect Artifacts: Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage

Everyday scholars, whose work depend on the connectivity between cultural heritage resources, emphasize the important role of digital humanities and the value of linked data in their work.

Vlado Alexiev’s webinar talks exactly about that – how Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM), who deal with enormous amounts of varied data, can solve this major industry problem with the means of semantics. Listen for more information.

Right graphDB choice webinar

6. Choosing The Right Graph Database to Succeed in your Project

This hit webinar happened almost a year ago and it helps you navigate through all the different graph database options in order to choose the best one for your goals. There are different graph databases both as functional, as well as deployment capabilities and the choice you make at the beginning may affect the success of your project at the end, so take a pen and paper and put down notes.

Best Practices for Large Scale Text Mining Process

5. Best Practices for Large-Scale Text Mining Process

Ivelina Nikolova, a Senior NLP Engineer at Ontotext, is the one amazing female top experts that we have at the company and she also had one the best-attended webinars of the year. She shared best practices and text analysis examples from successful text mining process in domains like news, financial and scientific publishing, pharma industry and cultural heritage. She also deals with the question what to expect from a text mining project?

4. Boost your Data Analytics with Open Data and News

For this webinar, Atanas Kiryakov, Ontotext CEO, did a live demo of news and data analytics, based on rich links within big knowledge graphs. The point is to give you a guidance through the gigantic sea of freely available Open Data and show you how it can empower your data analytics.

3. Gain Super Powers in Data Science: Relationship Discovery Across Public Data

And another one by Mr. Atanas Kiryakov, which builds on the one on Panama Papers (coming up ahead in this post), so stay tuned.

2. Introduction to Semantic Data Integration with GraphDB

Does your organization integrate its data successfully? The data unification process starts with the design and building of the semantic data integration layer and ends with the application benefits. This webinar teaches how to do this in an easy way with GraphDB. And by the way, you can now download and try for free the brand new GraphDB 8 that gives you a 360 data view.

Diving in Panama Papers and Open Data

1. Behind Powerful Searches and Data Visualizations With Graph Databases and Diving in the Panama Papers and Linked Open Data to Discover Emerging News

Sharing the first place we have two webinars that attracted the same number of people. The first one will help you better use graph databases. The second one is the absolute number one for 2016 – the dive we did into the Panama Papers.

This webinar is a live demo of news and data analytics, based on rich links within the big knowledge graphs of Panama Papers. It now only shows a more thorough view of this database but also showcases to journalists how semantic technologies can be crucial in their daily job of finding and verifying information.

We are happy to see diverse topics and an appearance by a number of our top experts in this countdown.
Also, don’t forget all our webinars throughout the years are available for viewing on our website. And you can now register for the first Ontotext webinar for 2017 – Exclusive Sneak Peek into GraphDB 8 Workbench! Even if you can’t catch it live, sign up so we can send you the recording right away.

Listen to even more free recordings from our webinars!!

Happy New Year!

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