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Understanding the Graph Center of Excellence

Learn about the what, why, and how organizations should focus on building the Graph Center of Excellence and its associated payback for their data management practices

Business May 17, 2024 7 mins. read Brandon RichardsSumit PalSumit PalMike AtkinMike Atkin

Connectivity, Open Data and A Bag of Chips

Learn how LOD’s connectivity allows data to be shared seamlessly, used and reused freely. As simple as a bag of chips.

Informational October 14, 2016 8 mins. read Teodora Petkova

Linked Open Data for Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities

Read about the value of Linked Data in the GLAM sector, since culture by its very nature is cross-border and interlinked.

Informational September 28, 2016 4 mins. read Vladimir Alexiev

This Is Me: An Ontologist for Semantic Enrichment and Linked Data

Read about Vladimir Alexiev and his work to further develop cultural heritage data interlinks with the help of graph databases.

Informational September 15, 2016 5 mins. read Vladimir Alexiev

The Web as a CMS: How BBC joined Linked Open Data

Learn what convinced the skeptics on the editorial side of the BBC to try the simple but radical idea of ‘The Web as a CMS’.

Informational September 10, 2016 6 mins. read Jarred McGinnis

Linked Data Solutions in Healthcare

Learn how Linked Data solutions for Healthcare break down the barriers of information silos and give a broad view of patients’ and research data.

Business August 29, 2016 6 mins. read Todor Primov

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