Riding the Databricks Wave with Hybrid Knowledge Graphs

Learn from Peter Hopfgartner, CEO at Ontopic, about hybrid knowledge graphs

Business June 6, 2024 7 mins. read Peter Hopfgartner

Matching Skills and Candidates with Graph RAG

How Semantic Partners used Ontotext GraphDB and large language models to improve CV selection

Business May 31, 2024 8 mins. read Matteo Casu

A Triple Store RAG Retriever

Learn how Semantic Partners used Ontotext GraphDB’s vector capabilities to build a simple RAG retriever over a Knowledge Graph, using open, offline LLM models

Technology May 29, 2024 11 mins. read Matteo Casu

Integrating GraphDB with Relational Database Systems

Learn how to treat an RDF repository like relational data — or treat a relational database like RDF

Technology May 23, 2024 2 mins. read Bob DuCharme

Understanding the Graph Center of Excellence

Learn about the what, why, and how organizations should focus on building the Graph Center of Excellence and its associated payback for their data management practices

Business May 17, 2024 7 mins. read Brandon RichardsSumit PalSumit PalMike AtkinMike Atkin

Migrating From LPG to RDF Graph Model

This post discusses the LPG-RDF vis-a-vis graph models and why enterprises should invest in knowledge graphs with RDFs for their data management practices

Technology May 8, 2024 13 mins. read Sumit Pal