Building Linked Data Bridges To Fish In Data Lakes

Learn how enterprises can build bridges to extracting more powerful and more relevant insights from their Big Data analytics.

Informational May 5, 2016 5 mins. read Milena Yankova

Semantic Search: The Paradigm Shift from Results to Relationships

Read about semantic search and how it takes information retrieval to the next level and puts information at our fingertips.

Informational April 27, 2016 7 mins. read Teodora Petkova

Open Data Use Cases In Five Cities

Learn how London, Chicago, New York, Amsterdam and Sofia deal with open data and extract social and business value from databases.

Informational April 20, 2016 6 mins. read Milena Yankova

Practical Big Data Analytics For Financials

Learn more about the benefits of big data – from keeping up with compliance standards & increasing customer satisfaction to revenue increase.

Business April 7, 2016 7 mins. read Atanas Kiryakov

A Web of People and Machines: W3C Semantic Web Standards

Learn how and why Semantic Web Standards are to serve the Web of Data for better collaboration between people through computers.

Informational March 24, 2016 9 mins. read Teodora Petkova

Smart Ideas Proven at Ontotext Hackathon in March 2016

What better to do on a rainy working Saturday in Sofia than a Hackathon? Teams are ready, ideas are ambitious, and pizzas are coming.

Informational March 18, 2016 6 mins. read Laura Tolosi