Large Language Models and Data Management

Read about Michael Atkin’s perspective on the intersection of LLM and semantic standards (knowledge graphs), it’s great promise and a few words of caution

Business July 25, 2023 5 mins. read Michael Atkin

Potentials & Advantages of Knowledge Graph Based Conversational AI in Manufacturing & Industry – Examples, Use Cases, Best Practises

Read our guest post, in which Jurgen Umbrich, Senior Data Scientist and Head of Data at Onlim, talks about the potentials and advantages of knowledge graph based Conversational AI in Manufacturing & Industry

BusinessGuest Posts July 21, 2023 8 mins. read Jürgen Umbrich

How to Build Knowledge Graphs for Enterprise Applications with Two Industry Leaders

Read our guest post, in which Viviana Rojas, Digital Marketing Manager at Semantic Web Company, talks about how you can build knowledge graphs for enterprise applications with a product bundling from two industry leaders

BusinessGuest Posts July 14, 2023 7 mins. read Viviana Rojas

Success Stories: Applications and Benefits of Knowledge Graphs in Financial Services

Read this abbreviated version of a presentation from the Ontotext’s KGF22 titled “Success Stories: Applications and Benefits of Knowledge Graphs in Financial Services” by Peio Popov

Business July 7, 2023 10 mins. read Peio Popov

Turbocharging Target Identification: Ontotext’s AI-Powered Solution at Work

Read about the challenges researchers and their technical teams face in the drug discovery process, how our solution addresses them and the difference it can make, supported by a real-life case study

Business June 23, 2023 7 mins. read Martina Markova

Accelerating Drug Discovery with AI-based Gene-Disease Link Predictions

Read about how predicted links between genes and disease relations can help speed up target validation, drug development and provide novel insights into disease biology

Business June 1, 2023 5 mins. read Martina Markova