GraphDB & metaphactory Part I: Generating Value from Your Knowledge Graph in Days

Read about the basics of the joint solution provided by Ontotext and metaphacts and how it can help you accelerate your knowledge graph journey.

BusinessGuest Posts September 30, 2021 10 mins. read Todor PrimovSebastian SchmidtSebastian Schmidt

Electrical Standards, Smart Grids and Your Air Conditioner

Read about how applying Linked Data principles and semantic technology to electricity data can make for a more efficient, reliable and sustainable electricity market.

Business September 9, 2021 10 mins. read Teodora Petkova

How Knowledge Graphs Can Help Large Healthcare Institutions Track the Impact of Faculty Research

Read about how Ontotext helped a leading US children’s hospital to keep track of the research activities of several hundred faculty members to get a Doctor-360-degree view.

Business August 13, 2021 9 mins. read Nikola TulechkiAndrey TagarevAndrey Tagarev

The Semantic Web: 20 Years And a Handful of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs Later

Read about how the Semantic Web vision reincarnated in thousands of Linked Open Data datasets and millions of tagged webpages. And how it enables knowledge graphs to smarten up enterprises data.

Informational July 29, 2021 12 mins. read Teodora PetkovaAtanas KiryakovAtanas Kiryakov

RDF-Star: Metadata Complexity Simplified

Read about how RDF-Star brings the simplicity and usability of property graphs without sacrificing the essential semantics that enables correct interpretation and diligent management of the data.

Informational June 11, 2021 9 mins. read Jarred McGinnis

Star Wars: Knowledge Graph Federation

Read how you can use Ontotext Platform’s GraphQL federation capabilities to provide a unified interface for querying all of your data sources in context and allow clients to fetch data from any number of data sources simultaneously, without needing to know which data comes from which source.

Technology June 24, 2020 21 mins. read Jem Rayfield