Knowledge Graphs: Redefining Data Management for the Modern Enterprise

Read this post about some of the primary problems of today’s enterprise data management and how knowledge graphs can solve them

Informational January 26, 2024 9 mins. read Gergana Petkova

You Cannot Get to the Moon on a Bike!

Read about the impacts of complexity on the growth and efficiency of big enterprises and the way knowledge graphs help organisations get richer insights from data in less time

Business January 11, 2024 12 mins. read Atanas Kiryakov

GraphDB in Action: Smells Like Semantics Spirit

Read about a project called Odeuropa and a number of exciting applications delivered by it with our RDF graph database humming behind them

Business December 21, 2023 7 mins. read Teodora Petkova

Knowledge Graphs: Breaking the Ice

Read about the nature and key characteristics of knowledge graphs. It also outlines the benefits of formal semantics and how modeling graphs in RDF can help us easily identify, disambiguate and interconnect information

Informational December 8, 2023 9 mins. read Gergana Petkova

KGF 2023: Bikes To The Moon, Datastrophies, Abstract Art And A Knowledge Graph Forum To Embrace Them All

Read about this year’s Knowledge Graph Forum – a space where Ontotext and partners presented smart and linked ways to tame and thrive on complexity, rather than be drowned by it

Informational December 1, 2023 11 mins. read Teodora Petkova

1 Year Staying VIGILANT

Read our blog post about VIGILANT’s first twelve months, the consortium’s accomplishments and outreach, and what’s coming next

Informational November 29, 2023 5 mins. read Petar Ivanov