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We are looking for

We are looking for a Researcher who will join our team and contribute to beyond state-of-the-art research projects, in collaboration with leading European research and academic institutions and industry. If you are a researcher who is passionate about weaving research results into real-life applications, this position is for you!

We offer participation in beyond state-of-the-art research in collaboration with leading European research and academic institutions and industry. Real-life applications of research results in the domains of healthcare, pharma, manufacturing, energy, media and publishing, banking and fintech, automotive, buildings and construction, and others.

The best-fit candidates for the Researcher role should have at least an MSc degree in computer science or related field. Candidates with a PhD degree will have an advantage and will be considered for senior positions. BSc level candidates possessing the required skills and knowledge, who are planning to continue their studies may be deemed fit for a junior position.

Your Role

  • Participate in externally funded or internal research projects;
  • Communicate and collaborate with partners and/or colleagues to identify user needs and transform them to technical requirements;
  • Research state-of-the-art algorithms, methods, and tools to propose the most appropriate for the task/project;
  • Carry out experiments with the selected methods/algorithms/tools and evaluate results;
  • Work together with developers to apply selected methods/algorithms in the implementation of components, services, demonstrators, applications, or products;
  • Report project results in deliverables, in scientific papers, in presentations and in blogposts;
  • Participate in writing project proposals for national and international funding;
  • The position allows for flexible definition of your role and responsibility based on your knowledge, experience and skills;

Your Profile

  • Excellent command of English, both written and verbal;
  • Presentations and documentation writing skills;
  • Proactive and result-oriented attitude;
  • Openness to interdisciplinary tasks and collaboration;
  • Team Work and Knowledge transfer skills;
  • Knowledge, experience or research interests in AI (ML, NLP, DL);
  • Experience or research interest with Semantic technologies (ontologies, SPARQL, KGs) and/or Databases (SQL, non-SQL);
  • Knowledge of OOP, Data Structures and Algorithms, graph theory;
  • Programming knowledge or experience, ideally in Java and/or Python, and desire to improve it.

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Our Offer

  • Common sense-driven organizational culture, in which shall you have constructive input, your voice will be heard (i.e. chance to make a difference!)
  • "We care" attitude (check our benefits package here)
  • Exposure to the newest technologies in the AI and knowledge graphs space
  • The chance to participate in the development and delivery of challenging projects that few companies are capable of executing
  • Opportunity to work in a team of smart and talented professionals, who are happy to share their knowledge