Ontotext CEO Atanas Kiryakov To Discuss Open Data at Innovation Forum

Feb 14, 2017

Innovation Explorer

The 3rd Innovation Explorer Forum which will be held in Sofia on February 23, 2017 will welcome Ontotext’s founder and CEO Atanas Kiryakov who will be talking about how open data is changing our lives during a panel discussion

Mr. Kiryakov will be part of the ‘Disruptive innovation panel discussion’ at the event, which will be featuring some of the brightest minds in creativity, open innovation, disruptive innovation, social innovation, and new product development.

As chief executive at the semantic technology developer Ontotext, Mr. Kiryakov will share insights into how semantic technology helps people and enterprises get smarter information and how society can benefit from today’s innovative technologies.

Innovation Explorer – which is heading into its third edition this year – will host panels and discussions focused on making the world a better place by fostering innovation and using emerging and exponential technologies for social good.

The event’s message ‘Innovation Wars. Debate for Tomorrow Today’ fits Ontotext’s drive to empower innovation by the use of Open Data and the Semantic Web – the next-generation web for machines.

Mr. Kiryakov has extensive experience in semantic technologies and their applications in social and enterprise innovation.

Check out one of Mr. Kiryakov’s latest interviews for the media or listen directly to a recording of his webinar Diving in Panama Papers and Open Data to Discover Emerging News, which was one of our most successful webinars last year.

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