Big Data Value Meet-up Sofia

May 14, 2018

Big Data Value Meetup Sofia 2018 @Sofia

Ontotext at Big Data Value Meetup Sofia 2018


On May 16th, Ontotext will take part in the Big Data Value Association Meetup in Sofia. The event, which will be preceded by two days of workshops and parallel sessions for PPP projects and BDVA members between May 14-15, will involve relevant keynotes from Bulgaria and the EC.

Milena Doseva who is Director Research and Innovations at Ontotext will showcase her presentation about “How AI builds on Big Knowledge Graphs” at 15:00 at Room 2 on May 15th. In her session, she will introduce the state of the art in Knowledge Graphs, corresponding representation standards as well as a couple of representative case studies. She will discuss in details how to build awareness and learning capabilities in information-heavy systems.

Milena will focus on the innovative business models of three companies in monetizing access to Big Knowledge Graphs developed as part of the EC-funded EuBusinessGraph project.

Finally, she will make a brief presentation of how to Unlock IoT streams with Adding Context – a case in Agriculture as part of the BigDataGrapes project.

If you are attending the event and want to discuss the benefits of Semantic Technology for your business, you are welcome to schedule a meeting with Milena. She will be available throughout the entire event.

You can find the detailed agenda of BVDA Meetup here.

In order to secure your seat, registration is already open.

Milena YankovaHead of Research and Innovation at Ontotext.
A bright lady with a PhD in Computer Science, Milena’s path started in the role of a developer, passed through projects and quickly led her to product management. For her, a constant source of miracles is how technology supports and alters our behavior, engagement and social connections.


If you are visiting the conference and want to meet us.