Connected Data London

Jul 05, 2016

Connected Data LondonConnected Data London is a new conference in the heart of London that brings together Linked and Graph Data enthusiasts. Borislav Popov, Head of Business Development in the UK for Ontotext will be giving a talk next to many interesting speakers amongst whom from NASA, Financial Times, and BBC. His presentation will focus on the powerful information discoveries made possible with big knowledge graphs by using the Panama Papers Leak as a case study.

The variety of connected data problems practitioners are tackling is truly awe inspiring. Journalism, academia, financial services, life sciences and publishing are a few examples of where linked and graph data techniques are breaking new ground.

Until recently however practical examples, reference cases and connected data war stories were hard to come by. Similarly despite possessing a surprising amount in common these communities have until also remained relatively disconnected. Connected Data London 2016 is the only event that brings together the Semantic Web, Linked Data and Graph Data disciplines under one roof.

In a world so passionate about taking control over the abundance of unstructured data and making sense out of it, this is an event you should not miss if you’re around. Come and meet the community.

Update: You can view Borislav Popov’s presentation and recording from his participation at Powerful Information Discovery Made Possible with Big Knowledge Graphs – The Offshore Leaks Case.

If you are visiting the conference and want to meet us, get in touch with us.