Data Week 2024

Apr 15-19, 2024

New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus), Leipzig, Germany

We’re thrilled to share that Ontotext will support and participate in Data Week 2024.

Data Week Leipzig 2024 is a networking event focusing on data, digitalization, AI, and urban development challenges. It encourages dialogue among industry, citizens, science, and public authorities. The event highlights scientific, economic, and social perspectives of data use, emphasizing FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) for data. It includes keynotes, training sessions, and workshops to provide insights into semantics, AI, and technical solutions for a sustainable future. The event welcomes students, trainees, and interested citizens to participate and learn.

Ontotext at Data Week 2024

We are proud to be a gold sponsor at Data Week Leipzig 2024.

Ontotext will be prominently featured, including a main stage talk titled “Industrial Knowledge Graphs in Action” by Nikolay Krustev, market lead of Industry sectors at Ontotext.

This presentation will likely explore the application of knowledge graphs in industrial settings, demonstrating their impact on data management, analysis, and decision-making processes. Through this engagement, Ontotext aims to showcase their expertise and contributions to data science, digitalization, and AI in Manufacturing, AECO, Energy and Infrastructure, aligning with the event’s focus on data-driven solutions for urban development challenges.

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