Enterprise Data World + FIBO 2016

Apr 20, 2016


Meet us at FIBO Management and Technical Conference, collocated with Enterprise Data World 2016.

Join our CEO, Atanas Kiryakov,
on Wednesday, April 20 2016,
08:30 AM – 10:15 AM
For his talk:
Using FIBO and Open Data to Discover Relationships

Imagine risk analysis manager or compliance officer who can discover easily relationships like this: Big Bucks Café out of Seattle controls My Local Café in NYC through an offshore company. Such discovery can be a game changer if My Local Café pretends to be an independent small enterprise, while recently Big Bucks experiences financial difficulties.

We will demonstrate how such relationships can be discovered by using RDF graph database and a combination of open data and commercial datasets.


If you are visiting the conference and want to meet us, get in touch with us.