Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2024 EMEA

May 13-15, 2024

ExCel London, London, UK

Ontotext is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2024 EMEA, which will be held in London, United Kingdom.

As a pioneer in knowledge graph technologies, Ontotext is helping organizations gain enhanced capabilities for knowledge management, contextual analysis, and collaborative information sharing for effective decision-making. Knowledge graphs help LLMs with improved accuracy in information retrieval, external data inclusion, and content recommendations.

During the summit, Ontotext will exhibit its innovative semantic technology solutions, including its flagship platform, GraphDB, which leverages an LLM to talk to your data for insights. Thus, you will not going to need data engineers so frequently. You can use natural language to ask complex questions of your data.

Visit us at our booth and discover how we can help your organization educate your LLM through:

  • Accelerate knowledge graph development by bootstrapping your ontology/taxonomy quickly
  • Sharpen your LLM with data from a knowledge graph, better evaluate LLM accuracy
  • Turn text into structured data to extract new relationships dynamically
  • Predict likely relationships not present or obvious in data or documents
  • Classify your documents to power precision search and recommendations

If you are visiting the conference and want to meet us, get in touch with us.