Knowledge Graph Conference 2023

May 08-12, 2023

Cornell Tech Campus, New York & online

Ontotext at Knowledge Graph Conference 2023: Connect, Learn, and Transform

We are excited to share that Ontotext is attending the Knowledge Graph Conference 2023 in New York from May 8th to 12th. The event gathers the ever-growing community of industry experts and business leaders to discuss the latest advancements in knowledge graphs and how they are transforming their organizations. As a leader in semantic technology and knowledge graph solutions, Ontotext has been at the forefront of the knowledge graph movement for 20+ Years. Our team is thrilled to be part of this community and share our expertise and insights.

Main Conference Talk: “The Fellowship of the Graph”

As knowledge graph use cases mature, the requirements become more sophisticated. However, despite vendor promises, a single solution can rarely cover all the capabilities of all knowledge graph applications. Join our Sales Director of Financial Services and Publishing, Peio Popov, who will share our experience implementing production systems using integrated partner technologies and collaborating with service providers. Attendees will gain an understanding of knowledge graph applications and capabilities needed, supported by case studies demonstrating effective combinations of technology and skills.

Along with a technical overview, Peio will introduce the principles of complementarity, predictability, transparency and integrity, which support our partner relationships.

Date: May 10
Time: 2:30 PM EDT
Where: Room 3 (Classroom B/Room 225 + Online)


Workshop: “Reconciliation, Text Analytics and Virtualization with Knowledge Graphs”

The utility of knowledge graphs grows with the volume and the types of data that it integrates. The ability to acquire data from external sources is a key enabler for extended technical and business value.

Join this workshop to gain practical insights on how to create and enrich your knowledge graph with the following:
1. External entity reference data
2. Signals from news publications
3. Market data from virtualized sources

Attendees will see how to create and enrich an entity knowledge graph, using freely available tools to demonstrate the processes of:
1. Reconciliation
2. Text analytics integration
3. Mapping and querying relational sources

Date: May 9
Time: 1:30 PM EDT
Where: Room 2 (Classroom A/Room 215 + Online)

Meet Ontotext Team and Discuss Your Use Cases

Ontotext continuously looks to partner with leaders in the financial industry, manufacturing, publishing, media, healthcare, and more to advance knowledge graph adoption.  Meet with Ontotext’s experts and learn how they can support your knowledge graph plans and help solve your semantic challenges.

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Let's embark on this journey together to unlock the power of knowledge graphs for your organization!