Knowledge Graph Conference 2024

May 06-10, 2024

Cornell Tech Campus, New York & online

Ontotext at Knowledge Graph Conference 2024

We are excited to share that Ontotext is exhibiting at the Knowledge Graph Conference 2024 in New York, May 6th – 10th. The event gathers the ever-growing community of industry experts and business leaders to discuss the latest advancements in knowledge graphs and how they are transforming their organizations. As a leader in semantic technology and knowledge graph solutions, Ontotext has been at the forefront of the knowledge graph industry for 20+ Years. Our team is thrilled to be part of this community and share our expertise and insights.

Main Conference Talk: The KG+AI Cookbook

Don’t ask what graphs can do for LLMs, ask what LLMs can do for your data! Join Ontotext’s Founder and CEO, Atanas Kiryakov, and Sale Director of Financial Services, Peio Popov, as they explore how graphs are the best source for educating LLMs and examining their capabilities for specific tasks. They will dive into how LLMs can substantially reduce the cost and democratize knowledge graph usage for tasks like:

  • RAG and NLQ: Talk to your data to get instant insights, without writing SPARQL
  • NLP: Turn text into structured data and detect new types of relationships on the go
  • KM: Classify your documents to power precision search and recommendation

They will outline recipes for the use of LLMs across two semantic layer patterns: data fabric and content hub. They will also present an inventory of EL models to choose from depending on domain and the requirements for languages, speed and accuracy. Finally, Atanas and Peio will demonstrate how an EL model can assign Wikidata entities to text and enable powerful Graph RAG implementation that can be customized with a few SPARQL queries.

Date: Wednesday, May 8th
Time: 11:30 AM ET
Where: Auditorium

Masterclass: “Combining Graph and Vector Representations for Efficient Information Retrieval”

Vector embeddings are rising in popularity and Ontotext’s GraphDB offers the capability to combine graph and vector representations of your data, enabling information retrieval, ranking and fusion, natural language querying and integration with popular development frameworks.

This masterclass will focus on the GraphDB connectors that enable synchronization of the graph data with external engines, services and models, providing among others:

  • Full-text search and aggregation (Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch),
  • Embedding-based retrieval with vector databases via the ChatGPT Retrieval (such as Weviate, PineCone and 12 more)
  • Integrations with text mining pipelines, message buses, document databases and others.

The connector functionality enables indexing and retrieval of the information stored in the knowledge graph by semantic, full-text and/or vector queries. In addition, it opens various natural language querying, ranking and fusion approaches for retrieving the most relevant results.

Date: Tuesday, May 7th
Time: 11 AM ET
Where: Classroom 315

Meet Ontotext Team and Discuss Your Use Cases

Ontotext continuously looks to partner with leaders in the financial industry, manufacturing, publishing, media, healthcare, and more to advance knowledge graph adoption.  Meet with Ontotext’s experts and learn how they can support your knowledge graph plans and help solve your semantic challenges.

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