Knowledge Graph Meetup in New York

Nov 11-11, 2019

Columbia University, New York City

We are happy to announce that Ontotext is participating in November’s edition of the Knowledge Graph Meetup.  The meeting will take place at Columbia University, New York on November 11, 2019.

The Meetup

Knowledge Graph Meetup in New York is an interest group around building knowledge graphs. Organizers are looking at the modelling, querying, storage, and usage of knowledge graphs.
Technologies include graph databases, modelling and query languages, software platforms for editing graphs and their schema, and applications of knowledge graphs to solve real-world problems.

Ontotext at the November’s Edition of the Knowledge Graph Meetup in New York

During the meetup, Ontotext will be represented by Vassil Momtchev (CTO) and Peio Popov (VP of Business Operations). They will share knowledge and expertise in building knowledge graphs in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and healthcare domains. During the meetup, Vassil Momtchev will present on a topic of “Semantic similarity for faster Knowledge Graph delivery at scale”.

Do you want to arrange a meeting with Ontotext's CTO Vassil Momtchev during his visit in New York?