Knowledge Graph Forum 2023

Nov 14-16, 2023


We’re thrilled to announce the 2023 Knowledge Graph Forum! During this year’s 3-day virtual event, our best-in-class knowledge graph partners will cover leading use cases, applications and today’s hottest tech topics.

The Knowledge Graph Forum At a Glance

Ontotext’s Knowledge Graph Forum is an annual and global event that dives deep into business applications leveraging knowledge graphs, along with the biggest technological alliances critical to transforming data objectives into tangible outcomes. The forum brings together a distinguished crowd of vendors and experts in semantic technologies and AI to share their wisdom on developing and utilizing knowledge graphs for enterprises. Featuring enlightening talks, interactive panel discussions and opportunities for professional networking, the Knowledge Graph Forum is tailored to offer software architects, CIOs and CDOs insights and innovative strategies to tackle enterprise data and knowledge obstacles through graph technology.

You will hear from world-class experts about:

  • Data Mesh and Data Fabric – combining the power of data catalogs and ontologies to streamline data integration and how data virtualization enables hybrid graphs and no-code graph creation
  • The synergies between RDF & LPG for modern enterprises
  • Utilizing text analysis and Large Language Models (LLMs) for graph population, while maintaining stringent data quality control
  • How to create always up-to-date LLM “indices” in GraphDB, using your vector database of choice, and how to use them for RAG, chatbots and more
  • Knowledge graph capabilities, vision, value, and differentiation
  • Use cases for enterprise knowledge graphs across knowledge-intensive organizations from Financial Services to Life Sciences and Healthcare and more

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