Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Week (LDAC 2023)

Jun 12-16, 2023

Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti (CTE), Matera, Italy

Ontotext at Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Week (LDAC 2023)

We are excited to share that Ontotext is sponsoring the Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Week (LDAC 2023) between June 12 and June 16, which will take place in Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti (CTE) in Matera, Italy.

We are committed to supporting the next generation of data enthusiasts in the AECO domain with our technologies. As a semantic and knowledge technology leader, we’re excited to share our expertise and help attendees make the most of this event.

Keynote Presentation: Ontotext Products and Services

Discover the powerful tools that Ontotext has to offer during our keynote presentation on June 12. Our Chief Data Architect, Vladimir Alexiev will deliver an exhaustive presentation about our flagship products, including:

  • GraphDB: Our high-performance, enterprise-grade RDF database
  • OntoRefine: A powerful data transformation and integration tool
  • Semantic Objects: A declaratively configurable service for querying and mutating knowledge graph

Vladimir will also showcase declarative transformations and how they can enhance your data management capabilities.

Hackathon: Tackling the BSDD Challenge

The hackathon will feature 10 groups of 4 participants each, collaborating to solve 5 unique challenges. Two groups have already committed to work on the BSDD challenge, a joint project between Ontotext and buildingSMART International. BSDD is the basis of interoperability in the AECO domain.

Ontotext will support all students, encouraging using our tools like GraphDB, OntoRefine and Semantic Objects. Both on-site and remote assistance will be available from our team to help students with any questions they may have.

Awards and Judging

On June 14, Vladimir Alexiev will participate in the judging process for the hackathon awards, recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of the participants.

Paper Presentation: Semantic BSDD

At the LDAC conference on June 15, again Vladimir Alexiev will present his paper “Semantic BSDD.” As a critical aspect of interoperability in the AECO domain, the BSDD structure and data quality have garnered significant attention from community members. Our work on Semantic BSDD has initiated discussions about its future evolution, with a dedicated session scheduled at LDAC (June 14 or 16). Check the dedicated website, which includes the paper and many other artifacts.

Why attend?

Ontotext’s involvement in the LDAC Summer School 2023 showcases our commitment to empowering future leaders in the linked data for AECO. Our innovative products and hands-on support provide students with the tools and knowledge to excel in their challenges and beyond. By attending this event, you’ll have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies, learn from industry experts, and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Meet us at the Linked Data Summer School 2023, and let's shape the future of data management for AECO together!