Sep 14, 2016

SEMANTiCs 2016, Leipzig

The Conference

SEMANTiCS is an annual conference that brings together researchers and professionals from all over the world to share knowledge and expertise on semantic computing.

Following a twelfth year tradition, this year’s edition is also marked by notable presence of organizations ranging from NPOs, through public administration to some of the largest companies in the world dedicated to pushing the boundaries of semantic software systems. Keynote presentations include Springer Nature, Oxford University Press, Wikidata, Hasso Plattner Institute, Siemens and IBM.

Ontotext at SEMANTiCS 2016

The PHEME project is sponsoring this year’s edition of the conference. As a contributing member alongside nine other organizations, Ontotext will be there to present the idea, aim and scope of the project. Presenting PHEME, Ontotext was recently nominated for the Innovation Radar Prize given by the European Commission to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation ICT projects.

Presentation during the Main Conference

Vladimir Alexiev, Lead of the Data & Ontology Team will discuss the current whereabouts of the PHEME. In his talk he will demonstrate how LOD annotations can be a powerful tool for semantic enrichment of Social Media microposts. As a result, reasoning with information that is not transmitted directly through the Social Media channels, but available in rich knowledge bases is enabled. Given the very short text of tweets, such enrichment provides with the necessary context, which is crucial for understanding opinions, trends, veracity in Social Media. LOD enrichment allows for the computer algorithms to ‘understand’ tweets in a way that a human would, by referring to common knowledge external to the micropost.

Time & Date of Presentation: Wednesday, Sep 14th, 16:15 – 16:45, WiFa SR 3

Presentation on DBpedia Day

As an avid Linked Open Data enthusiast, Vlado will also present at the DBpedia Day. He’ll focus on another EU-funded international project Ontotext is currently involved in – The Multisensor project. It analyses and extracts data from mass- and social media documents, including text, images and video, across several languages.

Time & Date of Presentation: Thursday, Sep 15th, 14:30 – 15:45, WiFa SR4

Ontotext Booth

Ontotext will have a booth during the entire four days of the conference. Come say hello and share some knowledge about the Semantic Web!

If you would like to request a meeting with Vlado, drop us a line.



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