EU-funded Project BigDataGrapes Receives Final Approval

The project targeted the main big-data technology challenges of the grapevine-powered economy where business decisions require processing, analysis and visualization of data that is rapidly increasing in volume, velocity and variety

Sofia/Bulgaria Thursday, July 8, 2021

Ontotext is pleased to announce the successful finalization of the EU-funded project BigDataGrapes  – Big Data to Enable Global Disruption of the Grapevine-powered Industries, which ran from 1 January, 2018 through 31 December, 2020.

BigDataGrapes aimed to support European winemakers and natural cosmetics manufacturers, the two main industries powered by grapevines, and to help them benefit from the opportunities created by big data. The project had two main goals:

  • to develop powerful cross-sector data processing technologies that would increase company efficiency when taking business decisions and
  • to create a large-scale multifaceted marketplace for grapevine-related data assets.

As part of the project, Ontotext participated in several work packages, lending its expertise in semantic technology to address some of the big-data technology challenges of the grapevine-powered economy. The company took the lead in the development of the semantic modelling and semantic enrichment of data. The core activities of the semantic enrichment task was to design and develop advanced text analytics pipelines aiming to extract and semantically annotate information from unstructured data included in the BigDataGrapes data pool.

Ontotext’s semantic graph database GraphDB™ was used to store the extracted entities. These entities referred to instances from the conceptual BigDataGrapes model and thus further extended the created knowledge graph both with new facts and new provenance sources.

According to the reviewers, the project has achieved most of its objectives and milestones with relatively minor deviations and has delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact.

By taking part in the BigDataGrapes project, Ontotext has contributed to improving the competitive positioning of wine and natural cosmetics companies in the international markets. Using real time and cross-stream analysis of very large, diverse and multimodal data sources, these companies would be able to better support their business decisions.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext