Discover and Enrich Your Knowledge Graph with Ontotext Metadata Studio 3.8

OMDS’s latest release brings enhanced domain model search interface, knowledge graph enrichment and extension, advanced search capabilities, improved usability and workflow efficiency and more

New York, Sofia, Basel Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Ontotext is happy to introduce the latest version of Ontotext Metadata Studio (OMDS). This release enhances the powerful capabilities of OMDS – a tool designed for knowledge graph enrichment through text analytics of unstructured documents.

Enhanced Domain Model Search Interface

OMDS 3.8 transforms the reference annotation schema into a user-friendly search interface, allowing seamless exploration and retrieval of content based on your domain data model. Users can now effortlessly find and utilize the rich and extensive data models they have created. These include various object classes such as documents, concepts, annotations, and the intricate relationships between them.

Knowledge Graph Enrichment and Extension

The new version enables users to reuse their domain models for more than just search and exploration. These models can now be leveraged for advanced analytics and quality management, enhancing the enrichment and extension of your knowledge graph. The corpus-wide full-text search capabilities, combined with annotation schema filters, allow for sophisticated search queries that can identify priority documents for human review, additional metadata enrichment, or correcting automated extraction errors.

Advanced Search Capabilities

With OMDS 3.8 you can also execute a wide array of search requests with ease. From simple searches that identify documents containing specific text to complex queries that filter documents based on the presence or absence of certain text and combinations of metadata objects and property values. This advanced search functionality supports efficient content discovery and knowledge graph extension.

Improved Usability and Workflow Efficiency

The new release introduces several usability improvements, such as the ability to organize content effortlessly by moving documents between corpora or deleting them from the database. Users can also rerun the latest analytics configurations without manual setup, saving valuable time and effort.

Stability and Security Enhancements

As with every release, OMDS 3.8 includes general stability and vulnerability updates, ensuring a reliable and secure user experience.


Ready to see how OMDS 3.8 can transform your knowledge graph enrichment process?

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For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext