The Finals of Queryada 2016 required SPARQL

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


For the second time, Ontotext supports Queryada 2016 – the Query Competition for students, organized by Varna Free University „Chernorizets Hrabar“, Department of Computer Science & Economics. Grouped in 9 teams, of 1 to 3 people, from different Bulgarian schools and top universities, the participants competed various data extraction tasks.

The initial and the second round of the competition Queryada 2016 were based on fundamental knowledge of using SQL to access relational databases.

The final third round required deeper understanding of the fast growing field of NoSQL databases and semantic graph databases, in particular. About half of the 20 participants who reached the finals did very well on using the standard query language for graph databases – SPARQL – with significantly better results than last year.

Similarly to Queryada 2015, in Queryada 2016, Ontotext was responsible for the success of the finals. We provided the knowledge package, datasets, example queries, as well as the infrastructure and the completing the query tasks. Represented by Nelly Hateva and Boyan Kukushev, Ontotext took part in the judgement of the final round.

We did a cross-team collaboration for this event and the end result confirmed:

  • 15 isolated GraphDB WS instances  running in a secured, read-only mode;
  • Preloaded data from – movies dataset;
  • Training materials for RDF/SPARQL standards for graph databases;
  • Warm-up exercises over GeoSpecies dataset, loaded in GraphDB;
  • 12 query problems solved using SPARQL.

The winning team from Varna collected 145.06 points and showed an excellent query performance in both SQL and NoSQL databases.

We at Ontotext are thankful to Varna Free University for organising this event and putting an emphasis on graph databases.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext