GraphDB 10.7 Rolls Out with New Features Set to Simplify Graph Database Management

New release features improved cluster operations, easier configuration, more powerful user interface, and improved documentation

New York, Sofia, Basel Thursday, July 11, 2024

Ontotext is happy to announce Release 10.7 of GraphDB, their knowledge graph database engine. This release brings notable improvements in cluster operations, configuration management, user interface updates, and documentation enhancements. 

Users will find significant advancements in configuration flexibility, accommodating dynamic deployment scenarios such as those found in Docker and Kubernetes environments. The Workbench interface has also been streamlined to offer an improved user experience that simplifies the management and interaction with RDF data and cluster configurations.

New environment configuration options make it easier to integrate GraphDB into complex IT ecosystems:

  • The option to set configuration properties with environment variables instead of requiring that it be done from within configuration files enables easier, more secure configuration, especially in containerized environments. 
  • The ability to use individual files to set individual configuration properties helps to manage the use of sensitive or environment-specific properties. 

The Workbench user interface offers more control over more aspects of GraphDB operation:

  • The data import interface provides more information about both file uploads and server imports, giving the user greater awareness about data being added to a knowledge graph. 
  • Easier setting of JSON-LD 1.1 options, such as the use of flattened, framed, and compacted document forms, simplifies JSON-LD workflow management. 
  • Graphical displays of cluster states and node conditions ease the management of complex cluster processes, increasing the efficiency of cluster operations and reducing the need to check event logs.

Both the content and delivery of GraphDB documentation have been improved to help users find the information that they need more quickly: 

  • The online documentation’s new search engine improves both the efficiency and relevance of search results.
  • A significant upgrade to the Swagger interface for REST API documentation lets developers find information about available API calls faster and more easily. 
  • The revision and expansion of a large number of documentation section headers make it easier for users to find the content that serves their needs. 

To smooth the operation of a large complex GraphDB installation, improvements to X509 authentication support allow the system to extract and use client certificates or certificate chains from request headers for X509 authentication, emulating a direct certificate-based connection to GraphDB.

Take advantage of all the new GraphDB 10.7 features!

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For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext