GraphDB 8.2 – A Quicker and Easier Start To Data Analytics

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

GraphDB 8

Ontotext is happy to announce the latest, 8.2, release of its signature semantic graph database, GraphDB. The product is under active development and the next release comes only 2 months after the previous minor release. It contains several key new features that make setup, testing, and indexing faster and easier.

GraphDB is the preferred semantic graph database for unleashing the power of knowledge, chosen by innovation-driven enterprises such as BabylonHealth, media companies such as the BBC, and scientific publishers such as the IET and Springer Nature.

GraphDB’s latest release features significant cluster operational improvements. The new simplified cluster protocol uses a single HTTP communication port, which facilitates its configuration. Multiple fixes in the Puppet distribution and Workbench management interface give full control over the cluster node and status.

Next up, GraphDB 8.2 allows for exposing the internal cluster testing framework to outside users. This new feature enables you to quickly develop integration tests, bootstrapping a GraphDB cluster and running it with your components. The testing framework now supports easier testing of the integration between the client’s solutions and the database.

In this latest GraphDB version, we are also releasing the Connector 7.0, which lets you upgrade and stay up to date with the latest features in the ES 5.x, SOLR 6.4, and Lucene 6.4 versions. The major advantage of the Connector 7.0 is that it allows for more efficient handling of large batch updates. We have also tweaked many small bug fixes and introduced important improvements. With this key new feature, you get improved connectors speed for indexing large write transactions, as well as a more stable implementation when working with the cluster under an extreme read/write load and lagging workers.

Finally, with GraphDB 8.2 you are getting a number of bug fixes, including an upgrade to the latest version of the RDF4J project. This will enable you to have support for property-centric access to RDF models and use a more robust database in general.

Get your GraphDB 8.2 now!

If you are already using another RDF triplestore, but still want to experience the power of GraphDB, you can benefit from our free migration service.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext