Ontotext’s New GraphDB 8.5 – A Reliable and Easy to Use Database for Your Knowledge Discovery

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

GraphDB 8.5

Ontotext is proud to announce the release of GraphDB 8.5 – the latest version of its semantic graph database that is even more efficient and faster in loading, processing and updating vast amounts of data.

GraphDB 8.5 is our fifth minor release of the series of planned versions achieving our high-level objectives to offer our customers an easy to use and reliable database that is capable of fast data loading, fast query answering and efficient data updates.

The latest release in the 8 series features five key new functionalities.

First, GraphDB 8.5 allows even more efficient data synchronizations. We have introduced a mechanism that replaces existing repository data during RDF import by implementing effective graph replacement. Now, users can execute incremental updates from the new information dumps without any additional development. For example, with the new approach the update between different DBPedia versions completes 40% faster than with the previous GraphDB releases.

Next, we have made it possible to generate database system reports with all important system information and errors through the Workbench interface. With this feature, the GraphDB application administrator can collect reports about the current system health much faster and can submit them to our support team for investigation.

Another new feature in GraphDB 8.5 is the better reporting of all errors generated during the SPARQL query execution. The Workbench now supports a new SPARQL result format that reports query timeouts and errors raised by the database plugins and external services. All query timeouts and errors are properly reported, making the new version of GraphDB more responsive for its user.

The next feature is that the Preload tool (first launched in GraphDB 8.4) can now resume its operation from the last known good position, in case it is stopped by the user or because of an error. The Preload tool in GraphDB 8.5 supports the resuming of long-running data loadings and thus boosts the database fast data loading.

The tool will detect previous unsuccessful runs even after critical failures and will try to resume the process. Compared to the 8.4 version that could perform only an initial load, the new 8.5 Preload tool is fully transactional, supports resuming and is error-proof.

The fifth new feature of GraphDB 8.5 is the launch of the RDFRank plugin interface and filtering, making the RDFRank plugin management easier for power users. RDFRank can now calculate rank asynchronously in a separate thread and it allows smooth incremental rank calculations. We have also included a filtering mode that lets users filter the statements in the repository, which are taken into account when calculating the rank.

In terms of UI improvements, we have introduced a configuration screen in the Workbench that allows users to see the current state of the plugin as well as to perform a complete or an incremental recalculation with just one click. The UI for filtering statements also lets GraphDB 8.5 users filter statements based on predicate, graph or type, both explicit or inferred.

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For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext