GraphDB 8.6 by Ontotext Now with Enterprise Ready Security

Thursday, June 28, 2018

GraphDB 8.6

Ontotext works continuously to improve its semantic graph database and is now happy to announce the release of GraphDB 8.6 with new security features that make operating with your data not just easier and faster but more secure.

Over the years, GraphDB has catered to various use cases for its security features ranging from public linked data servers with massive anonymous access to highly confidential corporate knowledge controlled by an enterprise directory. The focus of this release is the security hardening of all database endpoints and the better integration of the security model preventing potential configuration errors.

In GraphDB 8.6, the cluster implements application-level security to guarantee a safe operation in non-trusted networks of all supported topologies.

In addition, all communication between the cluster nodes is secured by a package signing algorithm and optional encryption of the network traffic.

The new GraphDB 8.6 now supports the mapping of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) users and groups to the internal roles. LDAP allows centralized user management in addition to the existing internal user database.

Another new feature is the support for a configurable audit log that guarantees the traceability of every database action associated with the username and the source address.

And last but not least, SPARQL aggregate queries now implement a faster and more memory efficient algorithm for grouping variables in the projection.

The latest version of Ontotext’s GraphDB is upgraded to the latest RDF4J version 2.3.2. It is also upgraded to the latest major versions of the connectors – Lucene 7.x, Solr 7.x and Elasticsearch 6.x, and to the latest public stable OpenRefine version (2.8), which improves data reconciliation capabilities with Wikidata and with other public reconciliation services.

Get your GraphDB now and work with your data securely in a richly interlinked, interoperable and flexible Knowledge Graph structure.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext