GraphDB 9.1 – the Database to Support High-quality Knowledge Graphs

Deliver faster, cheaper and higher-quality knowledge graph with RDF validation and versioning.

Sofia/Bulgaria Friday, January 10, 2020

Ontotext is happy to announce the 9.1 release of GraphDB – the most powerful database optimized for the development and maintenance of knowledge graphs.

Knowledge graphs are the next generation tool for taking important business decisions based on harmonized knowledge models derived from siloed source systems. A key challenge is to maintain the graph up to date with the upstream systems. GraphDB already supports a highly efficient mechanism for to replace sub-graphs (named graphs), which eliminates the need for developing incremental updates.

In 9.1, the database now offers multiple important features to  improve the knowledge graph delivery process further:

  • Validation of all newly inserted RDF with SHACL validation schema to guarantee that the knowledge graph will automatically preserve its high quality after each update.
  • Tracking of all changes in the current active or past committed transactions. GraphDB will maintain a configurable provenance of all knowledge graph updates.
  • Kerberos support to improve security in large enterprise networks.

Ontotext’s product team is eager to continue improving the core features of GraphDB 9 as well as to develop exciting new features so that users can easily and efficiently create their enterprise knowledge graph solutions.

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For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext