GraphDB DevOps Training: Learn GraphDB’s Tips and Tricks from the People Who Created It

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ontotext will host its first GraphDB DevOps live online training, specifically tailored for developers and operations specialists who interact daily with GraphDB and want to learn the tips and tricks of using the semantic graph database from the people who created it.

Organizing such a training comes as an answer to a growing need we have seen in our GraphDB users – to get an in-depth practical knowledge of setting up the database to work for them and their specific usecases. This is knowledge that goes beyond a mere overview of GraphDB’s installation, configuration and cluster management.

Over the course of a year we have collected feedback and comments from GraphDB users to come to the conclusion that such a training is a necessity in a market where databases are the fastest growing category in all of data management –

Says Ivelina Nikolova, PhD and one of the trainers.

This online training of more than 28+ teaching hours is intended to provide participants with extensive experience in advanced SPARQL and querying, and in taking advantage of the engine’s various optimizations including the product’s APIs, creating and connecting to repositories, linking datasets, the use of reasoning and inference, GraphDB connectors, database health checks and common administrative procedures.

The course trainers are professionals with extensive experience in Ontotext’s semantic technology solutions who have actively worked on the development of the engine. They will hold live sessions to walk trainees through the semantic graph database’s features and share tips about its specifics as well as some engineering decisions that cannot be found in the documentation or in our previous webinars and tutorials.

Ontotext has designed this exclusive course to provide trainees with a comprehensive overview of the product, starting from its installation, how to use the Workbench, the available APIs and connectors as well as GraphDB’s administration and monitoring. We will also teach you how to choose the right GraphDB setup based on your requirements, how to configure your GraphDB instance and which of the various optimizations will work best for your business case. The course will pay special attention to advanced SPARQL and reasoning to help trainees operate data effectively by using GraphDB’s powerful capabilities.

The live sessions will feature exclusive content for the trainees who will also have the unique opportunity to discuss the outcome of the interactive exercises with our experts.

Trainees will be working on virtual machines pre-set by Ontotext to ensure that all course participants have access to equal resources.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext