How Dynamic Semantic Publishing is Upending the Media and Publishing Landscape

Monday, May 4, 2015

This article by Ontotext USA Managing Director Tony Agresta is featured on DataInformed.

Why Media Companies Organize Data with Semantic Search

How many times a day do we utter, or hear someone else utter, the phrase, “Google it”? It’s hard to imagine that a phrase so ubiquitous and universally understood has been around for less than two decades. The word “Google” has become synonymous with online search, and that’s because Google yields the most relevant, comprehensive results, quickly. Essentially, it has changed the way we find and interact with content and information.

We have seen the cultural effect Google has had on search and discovery on a broad level, but consider the implications for online media and publishing organizations interested in leveraging these same powerful search and discovery capabilities, a process referred to as dynamic semantic publishing. The results can be transformative, but many companies in the space still struggle with harnessing the technology.

Semantic publishing is dramatically changing the way we consume information. It automates the process of organizing and deciding what content goes where on the web, so that news and media publishers can quickly and accurately manage content, create more and deliver a personalized user experience.

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