Ontotext Achieves 62 Percent Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth in the USA as Demand for Semantic Solutions Rises

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

High performance graph database, GraphDB and integration with text mining drive demand in life sciences, healthcare, media & publishing, government and higher education

Sofia, Bulgaria and Northern Virginia – March 24, 2015 — Ontotext USA, Inc., a leading provider of semantic technology solutions that drive business value, today announced that the company attained 62 percent year-over-year revenue growth in the USA in 2014 and predicts 100 percent growth for 2015. The company is experiencing significant customer growth across the life sciences, healthcare, media and publishing, government and educational markets.

“Ontotext doubled down in the US in 2014 and continues to expand the operation in 2015,” said Tony Agresta, Managing Director of Ontotext USA. “We added resources in sales, marketing, alliances and solutions architecture over the past year.  Our lead volumes and pipelines have increased dramatically. It is clear that the North American market is becoming reacquainted with our proven semantic technology.”

Driving Ontotext USA’s market growth are a set of products that represent a complete portfolio including GraphDB™, semantic annotation pipelines and a set of integration APIs for concept extraction. GraphDB™ is a mature NoSQL engine – a triplestore compliant with Web Ontology Language (OWL), RDF(S) and SPARQL standards. Built on Java and an industry leading Sesame open-source API, it achieved enterprise resilience years ago and continues to be used as the underlying graph database engine across industries.

Ontotext offers a distinctive portfolio of semantic technology including GraphDB™ directly integrated with text mining applications.  This provides customers with the ability to identify, extract and classify entities referenced inside free flowing text and automatically store the resulting rich metadata in GraphDB™. The advantages of this approach are profound:

  •  All of the unstructured content is discoverable
  • Search and discovery applications reveal precisely what users are looking for in context
  • Web applications that provide intelligence, analysis or dynamic publishing exceed visitor expectations by delivering semantically relevant, enriched and personalized results.
  • Graph databases are a perfect storage facility for meta-data spawned from disparate databases and text mining.


“There’s been a positive shift in the market.  The growth in unstructured data and advances in semantic technology have translated into more rapid adoption,” added Agresta. “Today, leading companies have recognized that massive amounts of structured and unstructured data can be semantically indexed inside graph databases for improved search and discovery.  Not only are integration and maintenance costs lower because of the nature of RDF triplestores, but search applications pinpoint precise, context-based content.  Today, users expect that when they search large corpuses of unstructured data, the results are richer and more precise, as compared to today’s mainstream search engines. We accomplish this because relevance is judged not only on the basis of plain string frequencies, but also taking into account relationships between concepts and entities in the triplestore. In years past, this was challenging but through tight integration between text mining pipelines and GraphDB™, this is a reality today. More importantly, this operates at enterprise scale with high volumes of simultaneous reads and writes and complete enterprise failover support. New facts can populate GraphDB™ at the same time users and website visitors query the database at scale.”

The growth of Ontotext in the North American market comes on the heels of three key senior leaders that were hired in 2014:

  •  Tony Agresta, Managing Director, Ontotext USA
  • Brad Bogle, Director of Marketing, Ontotext Worldwide
  • Tom Endyke, Director of Solutions Architecture, Ontotext USA


Ontotext is Recognized By Its Peers
Ontotext is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the technical team has been consistently recognized as leaders in core semantic technology over the years.  In the past year, the company was awarded:


Ontotext Announces Significant Product Updates
In 2014, Ontotext announced two significant products updates. In August 2014, the company released GraphDB 6.0, which included improvements to the enterprise replications cluster, faster loading speeds, higher update rates and connectors for Lucene, SoLR and Elasticsearch.

To close the year, GraphDB 6.1 was released in December 2014 and includes massive improvements in write transaction rates, stability improvements to the High Availability Cluster, live database load improvements and bulk loading tools and GraphDB Workbench.

“Ontotext has been in the semantic technology space for over 15 years,” stated Agresta. “With deep industry experience we have an incredible semantic stack and a large team of world class technologists that deliver enterprise solutions for our customers.  Ontotext has invested over 400 person-years in research and development and our reputation grounded in accuracy.  We’re powering some of the most important semantic applications worldwide.”

Ontotext is also sponsoring a webinar on March 26th at 11 AM EDT entitled “Semantic Publishing for News and Media:  Enhancing Content and Audience Engagement.”   Interested parties are encouraged to attend.

About Ontotext
Ontotext provides a complete semantic platform transforming how organizations identify meaning across massive amounts of unstructured data. Ontotext blends text mining, powerful SPARQL queries, semantic annotation and semantic search with an RDF graph database (GraphDB™) that infers new meaning at scale. Ontotext S4, The Self-Service Semantic Suite, allows developers to build text mining and semantic applications in the cloud.

For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext