Ontotext and Ontopic Join Forces to Revolutionize Data Virtualization

Their joint solution will make it easier for enterprises to adopt, expand, and enrich their knowledge graphs

New York, Sofia, Basel Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Ontotext, a leading semantic data and knowledge graph technology provider, is pleased to announce their strategic partnership with Ontopic, which provides a low code solution for building knowledge graphs. GraphDB Virtualization Enabled by Ontopic Studio will redefine data virtualization and deliver significant benefits to their customer base.

With this partnership, enterprises can now create hybrid RDF graphs from SQL platforms (Snowflake, Databricks, etc) faster. Users can decide which part of the RDF graph they want to materialize in GraphDB and which part of the data they want to keep and query in the virtual knowledge graph (VKG).

Enterprises can now easily adopt, expand, and enrich their knowledge graph with this solution.

Some key highlights of GraphDB Virtualization Enabled by Ontopic Studio: 

  • Save time and money – build knowledge graphs quickly and at a lower cost
  • Gain better analytics while reducing costs and risk in production
  • Expand existing knowledge graphs – use and reuse what your team has built
  • Take advantage of agility – explore only the data each user needs 

We’re very excited about creating such a bundle with Ontopic. Now our clients and enterprises will have a better solution for building knowledge graphs faster, accelerating the time to market while getting better analytics and helping them save money. – shared Chief Executive Officer of Ontotext, Atanas Kiraykov,

Also commenting on the bundle, Benjamin Cogrel, Chief Technology Officer of Ontopic, stated:

Our strategic partnership with Ontotext is a major step towards making the relational and RDF stacks work seamlessly together. We are excited to enable enterprises to create knowledge graphs from their existing data at a fraction of the usual cost.

To learn more about the new bundle, contact Ontotext or Ontopic representatives.

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For more information, contact Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer at Ontotext